YCN Done and Posted!

So yeah, after many struggle one after another and fighting against time. I managed to send off my final YCN Google board in the post yesterday and made it by half an hour before it closed! And it only cost me £6.70 for a guarantee next day 1p.m. delivery. And by the time I’ve finished writing this it should already be there an hour ago. After working so hard on a serious competition brief, I feel relaxed now. No more stressing over this and no more nervous break down again! I have to admit, even though the brief says I just need to explain what a Web Browser is, it wasn’t that easy or simple as it says. And using a frizbee as a metaphor, it was a great idea but hard to explain the details in the middle and how it ends. But I managed to do it with help from the staff at college. I wouldn’t be able to finish it without their help. There was times when I wanted to throw everything in the bin, give up, walk out and even quit Uni but even near the end and running out of time, I chose not to throw in the towel and quit. I chose to continue against time and the biggest opponent of them all was ‘me’ as I was losing hope on getting it done in time and there were moments were it nearly stopped me from getting it sent off in time too. But luck was on my side and things got fixed and sorted. I had to run to the Post Office fast as I could since I didn’t had my phone or watch on me so I didn’t know the time at all! Plus I just beaten the weather too as it started to rain after I got my board posted. I got soaked on the way back but at the same time, I had the biggest smile on my face because against all odds, I did it, I proved to myself and everyone else, I can do it!

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