Beer Competition News And Results

My friend sent me a post on facebook today telling me and our team were on the BBC Wales News online today!

Here’s another news article from the Chester Chronicle website plus it has more details on the story and how you can help sponsor us!

I give you all a quick brief of the story. Basically me and my friends entered a business competition in Uni along with other people from our Uni. Since we’re from a Art and Design course, this should be fun and easy. The competition was to design, brand and promote a new beer bottle (pale ale drink) but the theme to the design was to show or represent Owain Glyndwr (wiki or google him). There was 7 teams in total but only 4 teams get to go to the finals where it will be judged by the guy from Brewdog company. We did a video presentation and sent it to Brewdog, it felt like Dragons Den and The Apprentice style. Our team was one of the 4 to go through. He gave a video reply of his feedback of the 4 teams and announced at the end that our team was the winner! I’m really excited that we won and it’s some thing that I can put in my portfolio or in my C.V. lol.

About a week later we got our prizes from Uni, Brewdog sent us some of their drinks to us for free lol. And we had a photo shoot for the local news paper and for the BBC News. And last Friday (18th Dec) I had a call from Uni telling me that the BBC News wanted to have a phone interview with them, (wooow lol) so I gave him a call and a had my interview. Most of the things I said is on that news article.

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