Creative Futures Week

Between 9th Feb – 12th Feb NWSAD was holding the ‘Creative Futures Week’ event. The First event I went was ‘ 4 Years Out. Advice and Career By a former student to the college, Joe List who did the Animation course and Graduated in 2005. When I heard about this meeting I thought this was great to hear a former student giving out his experiance and advice after graduating from college, even though he did the Animation course that didn’t matter as at the end most of us will be at the same position to start out our future. That way we all know what to expect and what to do once we finish the course. He’s a good artist and he has shown us some of his works that he done for the kids TV channel ‘Nickelodeon’. One of my favourite works that he has done was his animation work he done on Flash for a website.

Second event I went to was ‘A Career in Design’ by Steve Rooke. Moment he started I thought he looked abit like the singer Jamiroquai a.k.a Jay Kay. But any ways, this I thought would be another interesting speech because he has been doing this for along time and has plently of experiances under his belt. It was great of him telling us about how to start, where to go and how to do it right and what not to do. Some things I already know but he told us loads more that I didn’t know and to become and look professional. He even told us how the industries and companys think and what to do to get their attention to hire you and what to do when you get the job, how you work for them ie show them ‘respect’ to the staff.

The 3rd event i attended was ‘Which Way Now?’ not too sure who it was and unfortunantly my phone didn’t record his speech very well and i can’t tell what he’s saying.

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